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Image editing is most often used to clean up scratches, spots or other unwanted blemishes from photographs. Image editing can also be used to remove unwanted text, people and other elements. Other enhancements are available to add color or convert black-and-white to duotone. Effects, such as mezzotint or halftone, are also available.

The first sample, above, is an uncorrected scan. Due to the low resolution of internet images, it may be difficult to see the numerous scratches and film imperfections. These blemishes, however, would very definitely show up on a printed piece. The next sample has been edited to remove the scratches. In addition, the levels of black have been adjusted in order to prevent oversaturation, which results in a printed image that appears too dark.

The next two samples are duotones of the corrected image. While these samples represent the most popular duotone effects, other tints can be applied. Because duotones do not require a lot of time, they can add life and color, to images, without adding a lot of cost.

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