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The CD covers for Vintage Music Productions are designed to generate brand equity. While each is designed to be visually appealing and to draw attention to the subject, the familiarity of layout, as well as the logo and other design elements, provide instant recognition for all Vintage Music Productions CDs. At the same time, a unique identity is given to each CD by using different color sets, for the background and end panels (see tray card). Four different color sets are used: red, blue, green and purple. Cover photos are printed in duotone. The cover, for this particular CD, is part of a 3-panel, roll-folded insert. Content includes liner notes, detailed discography and additional photographs.

The artwork, on the compact disc, is black. This is printed over the polished silver of the disc. Given the era of the music, the combination of black and silver not only seems visually appropriate, it is also less expensive to produce than other color combinations.

Each tray card (back cover) contains information that is meaningful to enthusiasts of early, recorded music. Such information includes the tune list and recording dates. The end panels, on each tray card, conform to the color set used on the front cover.

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